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light a fire

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This is my story - ROSE-ANNE UWAGUE

Passionate. Witty. Fearless. … Just a few words that describe me...

I'm becoming Rose-Anne so my story is still being written. I never like to lead with titles. I love to laugh, eat, travel and enjoy new adventures. I am an American born Jamaican who lived in Jamaica until 16 years old then moved to New York for college. At 21, I graduated with an Associates in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality, a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts in Business Communications. A few months after graduating, I moved to China for two years, had an amazing experience and then returned to New York. I speak Mandarin Chinese, understand some Spanish and butcher French. God is the central element of my life. I am married to Izoduwa Uwague and mommy to our sons Hadar (a Hebrew name for glory and power) and Othniel (a Hebrew name for strength/lion of God). 

Today, I am a Productivity Coach, Project Manager and Life Strategist. I became the productive mom when I found myself dating, engaged and married all in 2013. I gave birth to our sons in 2014 and 2016. I did not want to get lost in my role as wife and mom so I had to quickly figure out how to create harmony. God created us for a purpose and I want us all to die empty knowing that we completed our missions and demonstrate personally and globally that motherhood is not a graveyard.  

Productivity is what I truly know. People come to me for strategy, perspective and accountability. I live this, I make mistakes, I tweak, I share.  Every encounter, every experience is intended to benefit the next person, my tribe, my clients. That’s good news for you because if I tell you that I woke up like this, then there’s no hope for you. But if I admit that I’m not extraordinary, that where I am today is the combination of grace and productivity and I’m learning as I teach and teaching as I learn, then you know you can too.  

Amidst my role of mom, friend, wife, full time HR employee, volunteer, editor for a magazine, blah, blah, blah, Productivity Coaching pursued me and I answered the call because I wanted to ignite women’s passion so they could achieve whatever their mind set out to accomplish. Artists and athletes have coaches to excel and I believe that every woman deserves a coach;  and so Light A Fire was born. 

Being a mompreneur is a fairly new journey because I never desired to be an entrepreneur. I wanted my 9-5 job with my 4 weeks of vacation time so I could travel, return to a stable job, go home to my family and do it all over again.  Then I realized that there is a greater reason for my existence than sitting behind a desk meeting someone else’s bottom-line. I believe my experiences, journey and lessons learned have broadened my perspective. I wanted to document my lessons learned so others can benefit and be empowered. So I started writing, today I am the author of two published books and I have a lot more on the way…

I believe that women are precious jewels so I inspire women to know their worth and never compromise their values. I challenge women by asking questions designed for introspection to ignite a desire to take an internal course of action.  Out of this vision, Rose-Anne Uwague’s Beauty Evolution (RUBE)  was birthed to dispel unrealistic standards of beauty and embrace one’s unique identity.

My heart aches for children who do not have access to basic human rights which I consider to be water, food and education. Out of this burning desire to make a change, RARE was born.

Stay tuned to watch the story unfold!

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