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by | Jul 29, 2017


It all starts in the mind. I am not consistent with visualizing or meditating but I know the mind is powerful and when challenged will produce output. I had a desire. I’m a pretty healthy person but I have this one virus that I don’t want to find the cure for. It’s the travel bug! It makes me itch if I go too long before boarding an airplane! This time the desire was for me to go to Turks and Caicos.

One of my favorite places to be is at the beach. I went to Seven Presidents Beach in New Jersey on a hot day in June. It was gorgeous but the water was freezing. So I went to Coopers Beach in South Hamptons on July 4th. My entire dome was on fire, my forehead was scorched and on this 90+degree day, my two girlfriends, sons and I strutted down the pristine white sand to enter the water. It was freezing. Whelp. My girlfriends promptly left the water and I asked them to hold my two sons and I went for it. I pushed off into the refreshing cold water only because I live in the moment and made a decision to be present and engaged; not because I like swimming in cold water. My preference is warm water kissing my skin. Being from Jamaica, I am accustomed to the warmth of the Caribbean so the refreshing Atlantic was not giving me the gratification I so desired. I became fixated on Turks and Caicos, I’ve never been and I didn’t want to leave my three year old and eight month old for a weekend or week. I also didn’t want to pack them up for a short day trip because that would be too much hassle for a day. I accepted the fact that Turks and Caicos was not going to happen until I stopped nursing my son. I needed my husband to cosign on the plan to allow me to go alone and I needed someone to help with the children. Who can help me? When can I go? This was not just about going to the beach, I needed to unplug, to disconnect and to rejuvenate from my role as wife, mom, HR professional and all the other hats I wear. I was exhausted.

The next day, I hung up a picture of Turks and Caicos beside my vision board and then I put my mind to work. Instead of telling myself I can’t afford to go, I started by asking the question “how can I afford to go?” And then it all came together, my husband agreed with the idea of me taking a day trip to restore. My mother in love became excited about spending quality time with her grandchildren while my husband worked and JetBlue afforded me the opportunity to go with a 7 a.m. flight and a return flight later that evening! Done. Now time to execute.

On Friday evening, I did all the chores I would normally do on the weekend and prepared for Monday morning. Fast forward to Saturday morning, I started my day off! One thing you can always guarantee in New York is meeting a special person on the subway. As I was reading Oprah’s “What I know for sure”, a gift from my friend Ellen, I was interrupted by an outburst of the lyrics “Love the life you live; live the life you love.” Desiderata taught me to listen to others (even the crazy people) because they too have their story. I reflected on the lyrics and three beautiful letters later I was at J-F-K. I giggled excitedly to be in one of my favorite places and for the fact that this trip was actually happening.

TC 3 letters

I realized I forgot my charger, so I checked five stores but I was unable to find an Android charger. Upon find one, I was unwilling to pay $35 when I have 10 at home. I was also unwilling to accept defeat or have a half full phone but I knew it would work out. I walked over to a random and asked if I could use his charger until his flight was ready to board. A few moments later, I saw him playing online Domino and heard his accent as he spoke to the game and realized he was a fellow Jamaican. We spoke for a while and 38% later, he started packing up so I offered his charger. He said he had more time before his flight would start boarding. He walked back over and I started preparing to return the charger, he repeatedly that I should keep charging for awhile. I later realized that his flight to New Orleans had left and he purposely gifted me his charger. Who said angels don’t exist? I boarded my flight and sat in the emergency exit with the extra leg room and I had all three seats to myself so I laid flat!

tc flight

Now I have a fully charged phone to stay in contact with my loved ones and take gorgeous pictures of the beach! TC planeTC have

TC grid What’s my points and reason for sharing all of this?

Just do it – take a step into the unknown. God may not come to me in a dream and say “hey there baby girl ridden with fear and indecision, I know you’re really want to go to Turks and Caicos but just you forget your charger I’ll have someone there willing to give you another. He may not come to you in a vision and say, I know you want to start X venture or do X but you’re in limbo. You won’t always know the details from A to Z but just make a move. If it’s the wrong move, pivot wait! Wait, I thought we were talking about Turks and Caicos



  1. Mommy guilt is real but change your perspective because taking time for yourself to renew is not selfish
  2. If you don’t have a preexisting tribe or support system, create one with friends who are like family
  3. Make time to do what you love, for me it’s travel and beaches but it does not have to be costly – it can be a walk in the park or going to the gym
  4. Change your mindset, don’t tell yourself you can’t, ask yourself how you can. Your mind will do the work
  5. Most importantly, trust God. He may not show you every single step but He has already paved the way!