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The Woman

by | Feb 01, 2016

Words that describe me…

Fearless, adventurous, authentic, transparent, witty, approachable, resilient, determined, globetrotter…

What I believe…

I believe that religion divides and separates people based on miniscule differences and oppresses people. I am however convinced that a spiritual relationship with God provides abundant life, freedom and liberty. Christ is the central element of my life.

Where I come from…

I was born in Hartford, Connecticut and I raised by two amazing self-sacrificial Jamaican parents on the gorgeous island of Jamaica. I am the fifth of five daughters!

Where I am today…


I am the wife of a diligent entrepreneur and mommy to our son Hadar (a Hebrew word for beauty and power). I work a 9-5 to maintain during the day and at night, we work on building our legacy and our empire.

What I like to do…

I will get on a plane at the drop of a dime to experience a new country and/or culture. I like learning new languages; I speak Mandarin Chinese, understand some Spanish and butcher French. I love to laugh, eat and enjoy new adventures. I enjoy spending quality time with my loved ones

What I am supposed to do…

I’m not big on letters behind my name but I do have an AAS, BA and MA but the letters I love the most are VIP, WIP & MOM

My mission is to educate, empower and engage with females to improve their quality of life so they can realize their VIP (vision, identity and purpose)

I am a WIP – work in progress

  • Writer
  • Igniter
  • Philanthropist

What steps am I taking to accomplish my mission?

RUBE, pronounced ruby, is an acronym for Rose-Anne Uwague’s Beauty Evolution. I believe that women are precious jewels and we need to redefine beauty. (RUBE was birthed to dispel unrealistic standards of beauty and celebrate one’s unique identity. My initials, RU (are you?) are a tribute to my approach of asking challenging questions to ignite a course of action. The brand has a beauty line which fuses empowering words with lipsticks and eye shadows for a perfect blend of inner and outer beauty.

My heart aches for children who do not have access to basic human rights which I consider to be water, food and education so RARE was born to work with existing agencies to broaden the reach and positively impact more lives.