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Plug In is the black book of gold!

Relationships are a gold mine and investing in yourself is golden! As a woman, wife, mompreneur and professional; Rose-Anne Uwague craved the harmony and total life prosperity she knew was available to her. She shares her authentic experiences and outlines these connections to provide empowering reminders from her journey. Plug In is a woman’s charge to pursue harmony by engaging and disengaging; connecting and disconnecting; and ultimately plugging into a sustainable life. Plug In will:

  • Provide a reminder that you are enough, you have enough and there is enough
  • Lend a refreshing perspective on the value of investing and plugging into yourself
  • Uproot flawed definitions of success and prosperity thereby challenging you to redefine them
  • Give you concrete tips and examples of how to create authentic connections
7lbs 13 ozs: A Spiritual Journey to Motherhood

My decision to entitle this book with my son’s birth weight, 7lbs 13 ozs is a portrayal of how easily we can fall into the trap of weighing our worth and comparing our experiences to others. In doing so, we belittle what God has done for us.

The book references the many stages we go through spiritually and physically because during my time of journaling my experience, the correlation of my relationship with my Heavenly Father and being a mother kept presenting itself.

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