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Introducing RUBE!

by | Feb 15, 2016

Hello Beauty!

I have some exciting news to share with you but before I do, I want to share my story!

While living in China, many of my middle school students confessed that they didn’t feel beautiful and struggled with low self-esteem because they didn’t look like the girls in the magazines. As I looked at some of the 70 pound girls who were already obsessed with their weight, I realized the dire need for beauty education. A few days later, I launched a successful pilot program which taught that beauty should not be measured by the color of hair, skin or nail polish because beauty is so much more than height or weight. After being inundated with images of what beauty should look like and messages about “how to get a new you” I wondered, well what’s so wrong with the old you?

RUBE, pronounced ruby, is an acronym for Rose-Anne Uwague’s Beauty Evolution. I believe that women, like rubies, are precious jewels and we need to redefine beauty. The goal is to ignite introspection and create positive lasting change by:

  • inspiring women to know their worth and never compromise their values
  • learning to identify and reject feelings of inferiority and take ownership for one’s feelings without passing blame on another individual or institution

The beauty line fuses empowering words with a beauty product to portray that inner beauty can be cultivated and outer beauty can be enhanced.

RUBE was birthed to dispel unrealistic standards of beauty and challenge women to embrace their unique identity.

The signature red lipstick, RUBE, is now available and is on sale!

RUBE small

How to Support

  • Educate other’s about the vision of RUBE and the product offers
  • Engage on Social Media by following and posting pictures of you wearing RUBE products on IG @ ruwague or Twitter @ rouwague and share this newsletter
  • Empower other females to embrace and celebrate their uniqueness