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RUBE, pronounced ruby, is an acronym for Rose-Anne Uwague’s Beauty Evolution. I believe that women are precious jewels and we need to redefine beauty. While teaching in China, most of my female students expressed that they did not feel beautiful and that they had low self-esteem. I noticed the dire need for an empowerment program so I created Beauty Beyond Measure (美丽物价). Real beauty cannot be measured by height, weight, complexion or hair color  so I inspire women to embrace their unique identity, reject feelings of inferiority and take ownership for their feelings without passing blame on another individual or institution despite the unrealistic standards of beauty. RUBE is designed to ignite a passion for females to know their worth and never compromise their values.

The cosmetics campaign fuses empowering words with beauty products for a perfect blend of inner and outer beauty. The lip colors are RUBE red, Precious pink and Gentle nude. The eye colors are Beauty (black), Bold (gold) and Purpose (lilac).


My initials, RU (are you) are a tribute to my approach of asking challenging questions to ignite introspection to help females realize their fullest potential.

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