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No More Excuses

by | Sep 21, 2016
As we spring into the Fall, my favorite season of all, it makes me reflect on how quickly time has flown by, what I wanted to accomplish this year and reminds me that it’s time to start setting goals for 2017.
In my life, I’ve met people who inspired me because they would say something and do it. That challenged me to be more of a goal digger. I’ve also met people who say they will do something but never do. For whatever reason, there was no follow through. The common theme for those who didn’t accomplish their goals was making excuses and blaming others. In some cases it was not necessarily out of laziness or lack of ambition but an eventful turn of uncontrollable circumstances. In most cases, however, it was merely an excuse.
“Excuses are nails used to build a house of failure.”Jim Rohn
Fear can paralyze us and cripple us so badly that we stay in limbo and indecision. We may say that we don’t have time but if we analyze how much time we spend on mindless entertainment, futile email/text conversations, social media, talking on the phone, window shopping; we will realize that the same 24 hours is given to all and how we choose to use it, is to our benefit or detriment.
We could also say that we don’t have the resources. Often we focus on what we need to complete a project, before even beginning the project. So maybe you don’t have the money to host the fashion show, but do you need it right now? You may not be naturally gifted with organizational or design skills but there are endless calendar management tools, dirt cheap virtual assistants and friends who are willing to help if we only asked or showed that we were invested enough in ourselves.
The only reason I feel comfortable talking about this is because it is not coming from a judgmental position of thinking people are less ambitious than others. It’s coming from close to home. I was a professional starter.I started an event planning company in 2007. I had the idea, name, LLC and bank account in two weeks. But I never even planned an event. I started a book in 2008 and it is yet to be published. Initiative was never an issue for me, the follow through was the problem because once I hit a roadblock or hiccup or became uninspired, I would lose momentum. While I wouldn’t necessarily quit from a mental perspective, I would either find, what I realize in hindsight was, an excuse or start a new project.
As a single girl, I rationalized that I didn’t have time to tackle any projects or write books because I was focused on my career. That wasn’t necessarily true because the stamps in my passport tell a different story. It’s not that I didn’t have time to work on certain endeavors, to be quite honesy, I just didn’t want to. In the end, we usually do what we want to and I traveled the world and don’t regret a minute of it.
When I got married, I was convinced that because my role and priority changed, I most definitely did not have time to accomplish what I wanted when I was single. A year later I had my first child so my excuses became more legitimate. People would even comfort me by saying that I am a wife and a mother so I shouldn’t put too much pressure on myself. #excuse
Fast forward to today, I am a wife, mother of a two year old, 8 months pregnant with a full time job and this year has been one of the most productive. I finally released my first book, 7 lbs 13 ozs, I launched my beauty empowerment cosmetic brand, RUBE, I completed the outline for my next two books and in six weeks, I will be a mommy of two!
The best thing about achieving my goals is that I did not have to sacrifice what I love (time with loved ones, travel, adventure) to make it happen. I found a way to make it all harmonize and it started with a mental shift. I decided that I was not going to make excuses anymore, I wrote down my long term goals and action items for when and how to accomplish them and then I strategically worked on these goals.
While I know that I should have spent more time positioning myself in a better career and writing books that I had on my heart in my single days, I am happy for second chances.
Here are some tips for this Fall:
  1. Reflect on your 2016 goals now, be realistic and tackle two before the year ends
    • identify the resources you need to accomplish the goals
    • break up the goal into bite size pieces
    • get a calendar management tool to set up reminders
    • get an accountability partner
    • celebrate your milestones
  2. Start writing down your 2017 goals, be realistic
    • create a vision board or vision book
    • apply the steps from #1
    • identify what tasks should be done and set deadlines
  3. Be bold in the pursuit of what you want to accomplish #justdoit
  4. Be purposeful about your what, why and who
    • What do you want to do? What do you need to accomplish it?
    • Why do you want to do what you want to do? Why haven’t you? (Be honest with yourself)
    • Who will benefit from your goal? Who can help you accomplish your goal?
 Sample Colors
 These colors should be a reminder of No More Excuses
Nude lip color – Gentle – be gentle in the pursuit of your dreams. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it all done in a day
Pink lip color – Precious – you are precious, you deserve more, make it happen
Red lip color – RUBE – revolutionize your life and become the person you want to be
Black eye color – Beauty – there is beauty inside and outside – enjoy the beauty of accomplishing your goals
Purple eye color – Purpose – be purposeful about achieving your goals. No more excuses
Gold eye color – Bold – be bold in the pursuit of your dreams!
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