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Boss of the Month – Melissa-Sue John

by | Apr 21, 2017

Today’s feature is about a woman who immigrated from Jamaica in pursuit of the American dream, graduated from Hunter College, CUNY and University of Connecticut with a Bachelor’s of Arts, Masters and PHd in Psychology. After landing a role as a Projessor and Researcher Associate at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, she put her energy into her students by trying to give them perspective and challenge their thinking on how taking mental shortcuts through discrimination, prejudice and stereotyping affect daily living. This woman is Melissa-Sue John, Christian, wife, mother, researcher, advisor, friend, everyone’s cheerleader, supporter.


But she is also my big sister!


By being honest with herself about her long term and lifetime goals and through deep introspection, she realized that while she enjoyed academia, she also wanted to invest in her children, build a legacy and create an empire. She took note of her children’s passion for the arts and media; sacrificed her time, energy and traveled miles back and forth to New York to give her children a shot at a career as a model, actor and author. All this, while balancing the everyday demands of her husband and children’s life.

When I think of my nieces, I think about the days of changing diapers and pinching chubby cheeks. I see baby Alyssa, my first niece and I’m realizing she isn’t a baby anymore. Alyssa is super talented and she is a teen!

She always had some spunk!
Then there is baby Olivia, I think of my sweet and talented niece…


But I wasn’t ready for this!

Olivia 2 and 9


Even though I still view my two nieces Alyssa Simone and Olivia Lauren as babies, Melissa has turned them into girl bosses.


My nieces play instruments, sports and booked roles on major networks and modeling gigs.

At such a young tender age, Olivia already authored books!
Actor book

To learn more about the other books, check out their Amazon page

When Melissa is not busy being a boss, she is spending time with her family.


With a story like this, one can only conclude that the so called “secret” to success is strategy, sacrifice and sweat!