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by | Nov 25, 2016

As cliche as it is to blog about gratitude during November’s Thanksgiving season, my heart is full and I need to let it all out. The past few weeks have been an outpouring of the love my friends and family have for me and a reminder of how blessed I am to be alive and in the presence of amazing women. I will highlight a few events.

One morning started out with the New Jersey finale of Latoyia Dennis’ Motivated Mom tour which is designed to “equip moms to be better women and amazing moms by pursuing their dreams and goals, building wealth, improving their parenting skills, and learning to be an engaged advocate for their child’s education!” The speakers were transparent and the event was very uplifting and inspirational.


Event made possible by Sybil Amuti and Nicole Williams. Sybil and I attended the event while  Nicole bonded with my 2 year old.


What I didn’t know was my intense desire to attend the conference played right into Sybil and Nicole’s plan for my surprise baby shower making it easier for Sybil to get me back to her house. The decor was classy and gorgeous and I cried when I walked in and saw my loved ones cheering me on as I walk into my extended role as a mom of two.


A few weeks later, my job threw me a surprise baby shower and that was really touching as well. It was a beautiful breakfast spread that was nicely decorated when I walked in to work one Friday morning.


Special thanks to Arjun for the maternity photo shoot


And also to Yemi for another photo shoot!


So fast forward to November 12th, my husband was with me and I arrive at the hospital and I am admitted right away and go into labor at 8:05am, I set up my delivery room and wait for a miracle…


At 10:45am, I am 6cm dilated, 4 cm to go! The nurses predicted that I would have a baby by 6pm so at 11:25am when I ask for the doctor, the nurses give me the look like “lady, nothing is happening but if you insist, I will call the doctor.” My doctor who was wondering why I am requesting her less than an hour after she checked me, looked at me in disbelief and asked me NOT to push because the baby’s head was crowning. My son was in my arms at 11:41am.

I called my dad and told him I had the baby and he responds, “I will get a flight”. He travels from Florida and gets to my hospital the same day before the end of visiting hours and spends two days. My mom, sister, brother in law and nieces come to visit and travel back to Connecticut the same day. My mother-in-love who has been an amazing part of my support system comes by with my son and keeps him for two days during my hospital stay.


Then my beloved friends/sisters (what’s the difference?) drive down from New Jersey during the political gridlock of protesters to meet the baby. As if that’s not enough, two weeks later, my friend Ellen takes a bus from Pennsylvania and nine hours later arrives at my apartment with a plan to stay for two weeks! Noella uses her vacation time to visit me from Kinshasa, Congo for five days and we spend Thanksgiving together with my in-loves.


So in a nutshell,  I am thankful for family and friends that love and support me; a speedy uncomplicated delivery of my second son, a healthy baby boy and a stress free Thanksgiving season.