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End 2017 with a bang!

by | Dec 28, 2017

I am keeping this one short and sweet because you have goals to accomplish!

How to End the year with a bang

  1. Don’t lose heart, 2017 is not over yet
    • What you were hoping for or believing for may not have manifested BUT 2017 is not over yet
    • Change your mindset and keep your expectation out there
  2. Write down one goal you want to achieve
    • Make it realistic, you only have a few days left
    • Break it down into bite-sized pieces
    • Schedule time to accomplish the goal
    • Find an accountability partner or hire a productivity coach
    • Celebrate
    • Connect with me and tell me how you slayed your goal

I am a Productivity Coach who works with clients to achieve their goals through introspection, accountability, renewed perspective, and humor. Email me today at or DM me on Instagram @ruwague to learn how I can help you achieve your goals

Make it a productive day!