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Boldness – Faith and Fate with JingJing Wu

by | Aug 23, 2016

The reason I chose to interview Jingjing is because one aspect of being bold is rejecting what negative things life throws at you and writing your own destiny. Based on Jingjing’s background, upbringing and social circumstances, her destiny was very different from her current life. When her parents didn’t believe in her, she was told that she would never make it out of her village, she was told that she would never get married; she said NO, applied faith and changed her fate.

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About JingJing Wu

Jingjing Wu is from a very small village in China. I met her in Yidu, Yichang, Hubei while living in China from 2008-2010. We have a lot of common and because our birthdays are just a day apart, we joke that we are really twins.


She is from a family of 4 and has a younger sister. She is married to an American born Chinese and they live in Connecticut. Jingjing has been a Language teacher for 12 years. She taught in elementary, middle and high schools in China, South Korea and the USA. She loves being a teacher and has enjoyed teaching all levels and all cultural backgrounds. She taught English in China and Mandarin Chinese in America and South Korea. She has a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction in Education from Cleveland State University. She is licensed in both Connecticut and Ohio, and is IB certified by the International Baccalaureate Organization. Jingjing is the first person who went to college, not only in her family, but in her village and she is the only person who studied and worked abroad. Her parents’ belief in Education changed her life.

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How many countries have you lived in? How did you end up there or why did you choose that country? What was it like? What challenges did you face?

I lived in three countries: China, South Korea and America. I came to the USA through a Chinese culture exchange program. I was placed in Shaker Heights, Ohio. It was a great experience. I loved my life and work there. I had three host families who treated me like their own family member. The biggest challenge I had was learning how to drive in the US.

I went to South Korea because I was recommended to go to one of the international schools that needed a Chinese teacher to help them build middle school Chinese program.

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Tell us about your relationship with your parents

A lot of Chinese girls who are over 25 years old get pressure for not getting married early and many of these married girls also get pressure from their conservative parents for not having children early. I wanted to live a different life but I didn’t want to trust my own judgement. I believe that God always has the best plan for me at the best time.

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When I look back, I am glad that I did not get married early, so that I got chances to accomplish a lot.  I waited and I got married to the best husband that I could have asked for.

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Do you consider yourself to be fearless or do you just do what you do afraid?

I don’t consider myself to be a risk-taker, but I do what I believe is right. I pray when I need to make choices/decisions, when I feel peaceful, I do it, even when I don’t know what’s ahead of me. I trust that God would guide me through.

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How did you get to know God and what role does He play in your life?

God chose me. I got to know HIM at a very early age. God keeps putting people who love Him in my life. Two missionaries from America are the main reason that I seriously started to learn about God and the Bible. God is the most important in my life. HE is my strength, my comfort and my hope.

What are your favorite quotes? Where do you draw inspiration from?

My favorite quote is “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration” — Thomas Edison

I get inspiration from all the great people who have strength and fight for a better life.

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