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Boldness: Ambition and Attitude with Heather Hardy

by | Aug 30, 2016

Heather is the FIRST woman to be signed to a long term contract by DiBella Entertainment. The FIRST woman to box in the Barclay's Center. The FIRST female to be featured on a PBC undercard and the FIRST female to be televised on a PBC

Boldness – Faith and Fate with JingJing Wu

by | Aug 23, 2016

The reason I chose to interview Jingjing is because one aspect of being bold is rejecting what negative things life throws at you and writing your own destiny. Based on Jingjing’s background, upbringing and social circumstances, her destiny was

Boldness – Health and Healing with Melanie Angus Aiken

by | Aug 16, 2016

When some people hear bad news, they immediately think to the worst case scenario. A phone call from the doctor requesting a visit does not mean death is knocking on your door. One of my favorite quotes says “The ultimate measure of a man is not

Boldness – Travel and Taking Risks with Sonia Moin

by | Aug 10, 2016

The reason I chose to interview Sonia is because she talks about doing something and then she does it. There are a lot of people who dream about doing something like starting a business, going back to school or living overseas but it remains a dream

Boldness – Image and Independence with RaVal Davis

by | Aug 02, 2016

The purpose of RUBE (Rose-Anne Uwague's Beauty Evolution is to redefine beauty. While teaching in China, most of my female students expressed that they did not feel beautiful and that they had low self-esteem. Real beauty cannot be measured by

August – The Month of Boldness

by | Aug 01, 2016

I am super excited about the month of August because I get to talk about boldness. From having the audacity and boldness to leave a job, leave an undesirable relationship, start a business, travel abroad, redefine your destiny and all. Recently, I